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Joe Dockery is a practicing doctor of chiropractic, musician, and music promotor.  He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1978 and practiced in Staunton, VA for 32 years and Saranac Lake, NY for the past nine years.  Joe has earned post-graduate certification in chiropractic philosophy (Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers) and wellness (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Provider) through the International Chiropractic Association.

He began playing drums in the seventh grade in 1968.  Never a formal student of music, Joe played mostly in rock bands.  Even as a practicing chiropractor Joe continued to play in local bands.  After finally taking formal lessons in the mid 90’s, with Charlottesville jazz drummer Robert Jospé, Joe curiously dropped the drum set and applied the lessons to hand drums and percussion instruments.  The switch allowed him to play percussion in living rooms and pubs where the drum set is simply too loud, to miking his “kit” and playing on large festival stages.  Joe’s “kit” includes playing the tambourine and wood block with his feet, a shaker in one hand and playing the doumbec with the other.  He also took up the congas and bongos.  This world percussion setup lent itself to playing multiple styles including Irish, R&B, rock, funk and swing music.  Joe showcases this talent for playing multiple styles as the percussionist for the eclectic acoustic/electric band Rhythm Road.

When Joe moved to Saranac Lake, NY in 2012 he decided to concentrate on playing guitar and singing.  A gig here and there led to over 65 dates in 2018 as a solo performer in the resort towns throughout the Adirondacks.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s Joe was the executive director of Queen City Acoustic, a Staunton, VA concert-promoting non-profit organization, presenting such acts as Karla Bonoff, Roger McGuinn, John Sebastian, Tuck & Patti, Greg Brown, Robin & Linda Williams, among many other acts.  He co-founded the Fortune Williams Music Festival in Staunton, and with his wife, MaryLynne, organized the Music on the Green summer concert series that continues in Saranac Lake.

Joe is proud to have produced and directed three major concerts, the Unity Concert in Staunton, pairing black performers with white performers in Staunton, Saranac Lake Sings the Sixties in Saranac Lake, and his autobiographical Life, Loves & Legends: A Rock n’ Roll Memoir performed for three sold out shows during the 2020 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.

Joe credits the isolation from the Covid-19 pandemic and a course in the Four Elements, especially the element “Fire” (as in fire-in-the-belly), as inspiring factors in producing this latest venture.

Joe says, “I see rhythm in everything.  From the rhythm of our heartbeat, health and healing, to the seasons of the year, the stages of relationships, and the dance we do with our dependence on nature.  Everything positive as well as all that is negative has a rhythm to it.   We simply need to be aware of the rhythm directing any phenomenon and we can then guide our own lives toward that which is good and sustainable.  Rhythm is truly the tool of the Holy Spirit, of the Great Spirit, of Rûach, of Pneuma and Anima Mundi.  That is why, I believe, singing and dancing are central to indigenous populations.  They are celebrations of the Divine.  The beat goes on.  Isn’t it beautiful!”

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