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Episode 6 – Feb 24, 2021

Interview with Shakespearean scholar, actor, and director Dr. Matt Davies. My mom, Muhammed Ali, and a Peek Toward Enlightenment. The Piston Slappers from County Mayo, more great music and commentary.

Episode 5 – Feb 17, 2021

Joe interviews his son, Luke Ryan, about Luke’s year in Australia and his five month multi-country journey home. Also, more Bert Carlson, and Joe comments on Hamilton, and Billie Holiday. Lots of music and more…

Episode 3 — Feb 3, 2021

Interviews with Jim Sausville who shares his experience at Woodstock ’69, and with Bruce Rowe discussing with Joe why Walt Whitman should be considered one of America’s greatest citizens. Joe plays guitar and sings with his quartet honoring singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave, and much more…

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